Referee: Mr. Giulio Visentini Mobile: +356 79249217

Organizers: Malta International Padel Tour


Entry Fees: €30 each player and category. If you also want to play the Mix too, extra fee is 15 €

Closing Date: 7 days before the start of each category. Categories may close before that if they reach capacity. Partners must be nominated at the time of registration


The Draws will take place 3 days before the start of each category.


Prize money will be 5K


Doppio MEN PRO* *OPEN*

Doppio MEN Advanced* *Max 4Fascia*

Doppio Men Intermediate All except FIPT

Doppio Girls A** **Max 3Fascia**

Doppio Girls B All except FIPT

Doppio Mix

Prizes/Trophies will be awarded to the winners and runners-up of all categories on Sunday 11th June following the final matchs. The committee reserves the right not to award or to reduce any prize money should any entry be less than 42 pairs for men and mixed categories or 10 pairs for the single Ladies category.


Saturday 10 June

Sunday 11th June


1. Minimum of 3 matches (group qualifiers with 4 to 7 matches in total)

2. A schedule of play will be drawn up at the start of the tournament. Players must be available for play at any time.

3. Players arriving more than 15 minutes late for a scheduled match may be scratched at the discretion of the Referee or Organisers. Entry fees will not be refunded.

4. All matches will be played in accordance with the current Federation of International Padel (FIP) rules. Players guilty of bad behavior or any unsportsmanlike action may be penalised, suspended or disqualified by the Referee and his decision will be final.

5. All group matches will be played as best of 6 Games (with Killer Point –  in case it reaches 6-6, the pair that reaches 7 first will win

After the Groups , all the second and third teams of each group will play the round of 16, while the first teams of each group go directly to the quarterfinals. 6 games will always be played in the round of 16, while the quarterfinals will be played with 9 games ( 9-9 the pair that reaches 10 first will win ) . Semifinal 2sets + Supertiebreak 10 and the Final with 3 sets

6. No complaint in connection with the tournament can be entertained by the Referee unless made in writing within 24 hours of the occurrence and no application for leave to appeal against any decision of the Referee

7. The Referee and Organizers reserve the right to alter or modify the program and conditions in any way they deem fit.